Legal Notices

Dear user


Welcome to the official DPM system. Before registering and using, please carefully read the following terms:


1、   Intellectual Property Protection Clause


1. Domain name, identifier, and proprietary name


The registered domain names and proprietary names used on this website are protected by relevant laws. Without the consent of our company, no unit or individual may use our company's domain names and proprietary names in a way that may cause confusion or ambiguity. The website logo, pattern, and Chinese and English names used on this website are proprietary logos of the Instrument Information Network. No one is allowed to use them without the permission of the website owner.


2. Copyright


All content on this website, including but not limited to text, images, web pages, logos, databases, programs, video and audio content, layout design, column directories and names, content classification, etc., is owned by this website and is protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, applicable international conventions on copyright protection, and other relevant laws and regulations. Without written permission from Beijing Yixin Netcom Technology Co., Ltd, No unit or individual shall use the content and services provided on this website for commercial, profit-making, advertising or other purposes.


3. Trademark


Any trademark, mark, logo, or graphic on this website is a unique symbol of this website. Without written authorization from this website, no one is allowed to use, imitate, imitate, or modify the trademark, mark, logo, graphic or other unique symbols of this website.


2 Website usage


1. Please use this website correctly, abide by the relevant rules of this website, and do not tamper with, modify, or damage the content, pages, images, databases, programs, etc. of this website at will. In using this website or engaging in any other activities related to this website, no one shall harm the legitimate rights and interests of this website, affiliated enterprises, and any third party.


2. This website has the right to use all the information you publish through the website for free, while retaining the right to manage, modify, and delete your published information;


3 User Prohibition Clause


1. The prohibited information contains false or inappropriate information. If we find that you have violated the relevant usage regulations, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your services.


2. All information you publish on this website must not violate national and local government regulations, rules, management methods, and other relevant laws and regulations on internet network information security, and you must independently bear all consequences and legal responsibilities arising therefrom.


4 Disclaimer clause


1. This website does not guarantee that all free services provided will not be modified, interrupted, terminated, or delayed, nor can it guarantee the absolute integrity and security of user information. This website does not assume any responsibility for the modification, interruption, termination, delay, or loss of user information of free services provided by users


2. This website only guarantees the authenticity, legality, and accuracy of the information it publishes, and does not guarantee the authenticity, legality, and accuracy of the information content published by other users. The information content must be confirmed by the visitor themselves and the risk of using the information must be borne.


3. This website will not disclose or disclose its registration information and non-public content stored on the user platform to third parties without the authorization of legitimate users, except for the following situations: (1) Improper confidentiality of user information, resulting in the leakage of user non-public information; (2) Data leakage caused by network connections, hacker attacks, computer viruses, government regulations, and other reasons.

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