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DPM Closes Nearly $100 Million Series B+ Financing Round

2024-01-16 16:49


Recently, DPM Company (comprising Beijing Digital Precision Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Dipu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "DPM") announced the successful completion of a B+ round financing amounting to nearly 100 million yuan. This funding round was led by Gree Group's Gree Financial Investment, with Haoshuo Investment participating, and Kaicheng Capital continuing to serve as the exclusive financial advisor. The influx of capital from this round will significantly accelerate the company's product innovation, market expansion, and team development initiatives.


In July 2022, DPM secured a Series B financing of several hundred million RMB, which was jointly led by SoftBank China Capital and Zhongguancun Longmen Investment. Less than a month later, top-tier investment institutions have made additional investments, reflecting the high level of confidence in DPM from the capital market.


Precision medicine represents a pivotal pathway to enhance the diagnostic and therapeutic levels, thereby achieving personalized healthcare. Molecular imaging technology has been recognized as one of the top ten cutting-edge domains in medical science with immense potential for future advancements. The emergence of molecular imaging has opened up new avenues for precision medicine development. The precision and sophistication of surgical procedures are central aspects that persistently challenge technological boundaries in the medical field, and molecular imaging technology provides solutions in this realm. As a pioneer and leader in domestic molecular imaging technology, DPM Company boasts robust technological innovation and product conversion capabilities. Recently, DPM's "Wide Spectral Super Resolution Intelligent Endoscopic Molecular Imaging System" was successfully shortlisted as a unit in the "Artificial Intelligence Medical Device Innovation Task" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the intelligent assisted therapy product category! DPM Company is also the sole fluorescence endoscope enterprise listed in this evaluation project. On August 26th, DPM's independently developed "Fluorescent Molecular Imaging Surgical Navigation System" clinched the second prize in the ultimate award category at the HICOOL 2022 National Entrepreneurship Competition; DPM will persist in its endeavors to advance molecular imaging technology, thereby contributing to precision medicine.


Professor Tian Jie, the Chairman of DPM Company, expressed his gratitude for the recognition and expectations bestowed upon their organization by Gree Group's Gree Financial Investment and Haoshuo Investment. He also acknowledged the early support and cooperation extended by B-round investors SoftBank China Capital, Zhongguancun Longmen Investment, Hangzhou Risheng, and Jiangsu Haoyue Fund. Over the years, DPM Company has fostered close collaboration with leading medical experts both domestically and internationally, accumulating decades of research and development expertise in the integration of medicine and industry. This has resulted in systematic outcomes and technological breakthroughs in key areas. DPM Company remains committed to furthering its endeavors in molecular imaging, providing more high-quality and innovative solutions for clinical applications. By doing so, they aim to contribute to the advancement and progress of China's healthcare industry.



Li Ling, the responsible official of Gree Financial Investment, declared:

Fluorescent endoscopy, as a groundbreaking technology in minimally invasive surgical equipment, has emerged as a competitive battleground among global endoscopic enterprises. Drawing upon the expertise of the Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, DPM Company possesses robust fundamental research capabilities in underlying technologies such as molecular imaging and artificial intelligence. By integrating clinical needs, they have developed a series of high-end fluorescent molecular imaging surgical navigation systems. In light of the localization trend in medical equipment, DPM Company and its team have spearheaded the rapid development of domestically produced fluorescence imaging equipment, boasting exceptional product performance and service systems. Through leveraging the role of state-owned capital investment and operation platforms, Gree Financial Investment aims to further bolster support for nurturing DPM companies, thereby contributing to the growth of the domestic healthcare industry.


Zhao Xiaobo, a partner at Haoshuo Investment, expressed his sentiments as follows:

I am truly privileged to have had the opportunity to meet Professor Tian Jie and Dr. Chi Chongwei's esteemed team of scientists, and to become an integral part of their family. The Executive Ear Fund, which is managed by Haoshuo Investment and serves as a sub-fund of the National Science and Technology Ministry's Achievement Transformation Fund, has been actively seeking out and investing in exceptional start-up companies across various sectors, such as DPM, that specialize in transforming scientific research accomplishments into tangible outcomes. DPM has been involved in numerous national-level major scientific research initiatives, including the National 973 Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Major Project, and the Ministry of Science and Technology Nano Project. The translation of these distinctive achievements into technology and products within the realm of precision medicine holds immense significance for China's life sciences and healthcare industry. I fervently hope that Haoshuo Investment can accompany DPM on its journey towards growth and jointly create a prosperous future together!


Dr. Zou Guowen, the founding partner of Kaicheng Capital, articulated:

Fluorescent molecular imaging technology is an indispensable tool for future surgical procedures. Under the guidance of Professor Tian and Dr. Chi, DPM consistently prioritizes product quality and clinical needs, establishing a cutting-edge fluorescence molecular imaging technology platform. Following the launch of their product, it quickly gained widespread recognition within the clinical community, resulting in a significant surge in company revenue.


Having successfully completed Series B financing as the exclusive financial advisor to DPM, Kaicheng Capital also assumed the role of exclusive financial advisor for Series B+, effectively aligning with prevailing trends in the primary market. This achievement not only showcases the confidence of the primary market in DPM's future growth but also highlights our unwavering commitment to supporting their success. We extend our gratitude to Gree Capital and Haoshuo Investment for their robust backing of DPM, as well as to DPM management and existing shareholders for entrusting Kaicheng Capital with this responsibility.

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