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Johnson & Johnson medical technology strengthens local innovation collaboration for innovation and upgrading of holistic surgica

2023-12-28 15:00


Strategic cooperation | building an ecosystem for minimally invasive surgery


Recently, Johnson & Johnson Medical Technology, a globally renowned medical technology corporation, and DPM, a leading optical molecular imaging company in China comprising Beijing Digital Precision Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Dipu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DPM"), have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to collaboratively develop patient-centric surgical comprehensive innovative solutions and establish a minimally invasive surgical ecosystem.


"In the 30 years of growing together with China's healthcare industry, Johnson & Johnson has always been committed to innovation as the leader, working for the well-being of patients' health as the core value, joining hands with all parties, and making every effort to support the government to build a high-quality healthcare service system." Song Weiqun, Senior Vice President of Johnson & Johnson Worldwide and Chairman of China, said, "We are pleased to join hands with outstanding local innovative healthcare technology enterprises to better empower clinics with innovative and upgraded holistic solutions, benefit more Chinese patients, and continue to create value for the development of China's healthcare industry."


Innovation empowers laparoscopic surgery and promotes precise surgical treatment


The rapid advancement of surgical technology, transitioning from open surgery to minimally invasive procedures, has greatly benefited patients. Notably, the emergence and implementation of molecular imaging technology have empowered clinicians to accurately delineate lesion boundaries, detect minute lesions, and identify vital tissue structures. This has resulted in more precise and minimally invasive surgeries, leading to faster and improved post-operative recovery for patients.


DPM, as an innovative domestic enterprise originating from technology transfer from the Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has amassed decades of R&D experience in the integration of medicine and industry. Its self-developed product series employs the fluorescent molecular imaging system for real-time imaging, aiming to achieve precise navigation of lesions, thereby enhancing surgical precision and improving the accuracy of lesion and target tissue localization.


In accordance with this strategic cooperation agreement, Johnson & Johnson Medical Technology will engage in comprehensive commercial collaboration with DPM, encompassing the commercialization of a comprehensive range of laparoscopes and provision of support for laparoscopy-related professional academic training. Furthermore, both parties will continue to explore deeper levels of cooperation in the future, focusing on product optimization and upgrades, research and development, and the commercialization of new products.


Chi Chongwei, the CEO of DPM, stated that "DPM, as a pioneer in the post-precision medicine era, has always been dedicated to the innovation of molecular imaging technology while staying true to its original mission. Building upon our previous fluorescent molecular imaging products, which have received special approval as national innovative medical devices, we eagerly anticipate strategic collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Medical Technology. This partnership will empower molecular imaging technology for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries and actively drive the advancement of medical precision diagnosis and treatment, ultimately benefiting patients through improved surgical outcomes."



About Johnson&Johnson medical technology


Boasting a diverse range of expertise, mission-critical scientific innovations, and an unwavering passion for human health, Johnson & Johnson Medical Technologies is dedicated to becoming the world's premier medical technology innovator. Our goal is to make a significant impact on human health and enable individuals worldwide to live healthier lives. For over a century, we have been addressing unmet medical needs and redefining the future of healthcare through groundbreaking scientific advancements. We are committed to continuous innovation and expanding our efforts in surgical, orthopedic, ophthalmic, cardiovascular, and specialty solutions. By making medical solutions smarter, less invasive, and more personalized, we strive to safeguard lives and illuminate every glimmer of hope.


About DPM Company


DPM's core technology stems from the Key Laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Imaging at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, positioning us as a national high-tech enterprise specializing in optical molecular imaging surgical navigation medical equipment and fluorescent molecular contrast agent technology. Our main business scope encompasses a diverse range of self-developed high-end intraoperative optical molecular imaging surgical navigation equipment and contrast agents, near-infrared II imaging equipment, multimodal imaging equipment, magnetic nanoparticle imaging (MPI) equipment, and more.


Our "near-infrared fluorescence imaging intraoperative navigation system" has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology's "Digital Diagnostic and Treatment Equipment Research and Development" key special project. With one authorized U.S. invention patent and dozens of national patents, our company has achieved recognition for its core technology, which was awarded the Gold Prize at the International Invention Exposition in Geneva, as well as the Gold Prize at both the International Invention Exposition and the National Invention Exposition.


DPM remains committed to further exploration in the field of molecular imaging and will continue to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions for the clinic, thereby contributing to the development and progress of China's medical industry.


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