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DPM presents a series of star products at MEDICA in germany

2023-11-23 19:30


On November 13, 2023, the international hospital equipment exhibition, Medica 2023, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, commenced its grand opening. As the largest event of its kind, attracting global attention, Medica 2023 is taking place against the backdrop of a booming medical technology market that is experiencing rapid globalization. In this context, an increasing number of Chinese companies are actively participating in the international arena, showcasing their remarkable innovation and creativity to the world.



In this exhibition, DPM showcased four star products, including the proprietary optical 3D 4K fluorescence endoscopic camera system. Competing with nearly 10,000 renowned enterprises in the medical equipment industry from around the world, DPM demonstrated its cutting-edge achievements in molecular imaging in a comprehensive and up-close manner, allowing on-site visitors to immerse themselves in the 3D visual effects of molecular imaging. During the exhibition, our innovative technology series attracted exhibitors from various countries and regions to visit, experience, and consult with DPM staff regarding product information and technical specifications. They highly acknowledged our product range and service philosophy.


At this year's MEDICA exhibition in Germany, DPM remains steadfast in its commitment to the principles and objectives of "precision medicine, Reinventing health." The company is dedicated to enhancing surgical treatment outcomes and patient prognoses for individuals suffering from various diseases, including cancer. Going forward, DPM plans to expand the technology's application scope horizontally and diversify its product line. Additionally, the company will deepen its focus on product details vertically, continuously refining and iterating upon its offerings to contribute meaningfully to the field of precision medicine in the future.




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